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Mardini Multi-Services Inc., has been an authorized third-party provider for the Motor Vehicle Division for over ten years. We pride ourselves in offering our customers an exceptional experience with little or no wait times and are known for our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Complicated transactions are no problem for us, you can count on our expert title clerks to go above and beyond to answer all your questions and get your transaction completed no matter the issue.

Mobile Home Titles

Mardini Services is proud to provide all your mobile home title needs. Our experienced and friendly team of title professionals provide processing mobile home title transfers and mobile home duplicate titles. For information, call (480) 954-2642 or visit our office today.

Same Day Level One Inspections

Certified inspectors are available at your convenience.
Title Only – Bonded Titles – Abandoned Vehicles
Same Day Service

Abandoned Vehicle

We’re here to complete your abandoned vehicle application from start to finish- including level 1 inspections and filing the report with the state. Once the notice of transfer is received we will assist you in converting that into a title in your name.

Bonded Titles

This service includes the inspection, requesting all the required reports and sending out letters as needed. In addition, we will purchase the surety bond for you that will result in getting a title in your name.

Our Expertise

Providing exceptional service, without the wait.
Call (480) 954-2642 or visit our office today.

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